jawun: Indigenous Corporate Partnerships

Working with the community

Jawun works a bit differently here. Being close to the Sydney CBD means secondees can provide support on a part-time basis without the need for relocation. There is also the opportunity for secondees to have an ongoing relationship with the community after their secondment has ended.

Jawun’s Gamarada Design Forum in August 2009 was the start of our engagement in the Inner Sydney region.

Since then, we have worked with many organisations to deliver crucial services, as well as education and training to Indigenous people.

Some of the organisations we have worked with so far include:

  • National Centre of Indigenous Excellence
  • Babana Aboriginal Men’s Group
  • Tranby Aboriginal College
  • Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation
  • Aboriginal Housing Company
  • Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care Programme
  • Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women's Centre
  • Tribal Warrior Association
  • National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy
  • La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • La Perouse Youth Haven
  • Gujaga Childcare
  • Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation
  • Boomerang Constructions

Here are just a few examples of the projects we’ve worked on with our Indigenous Partners:


  • Babana Men’s Group
    Babana is a support group for Aboriginal men. The organisation is soley reliant on donations and has no operational funding. A KPMG secondee supported this group by creating a real estate proposal document to assist Babana in seeking their own premises and securing funding.
  • Wyanga Aged Care
    Wyanga offers individually tailored services to assist Aboriginal Elders within their home and community. A Westpac secondee supported Wyanga by conducting an organisational review and recommending a series of initiatives to strengthen the organisation and increase their ability to secure government and philanthropic support.
  • Les Tobler Centre
    The Koori Job Ready Course provides Indigenous students the opportunity to earn Certificate II qualification, placement in a construction position and post placement mentoring. The John Holland Group have provided assistance to the centre by having a secondee review the operating model and create a business plan for future partnerships and financial sustainability. Importantly, an ongoing relationship between the Les Tobler Centre and the John Holland Group has been established providing ongoing opportunities for both organisations going forward.
  • Tribal Warrior
    Tribal Warrior’s vision is to empower disadvantaged Aboriginal and non-Indigenous people by providing quality training for employment skills, mentoring programs and operating a sustainable tourism organisation. A KPMG secondee supported this organisation by conducting an organisational and business review of its operations. A list of business improvement initiatives was recommended and future alliance partners for Tribal Warrior are being explored.
  • National Centre for Indigenous Excellence
    The NCIE is a state of the art facility designed to create an environment of learning and opportunity. A KPMG secondee supported the organisation by conducting a review of its three main areas of operation: the gym, campus and corporate office space. The secondee made several recommendations and the next step is for modelling work to be completed.
  • Aboriginal Housing Company
    The AHC is an independent not for profit charity and the first community housing provider in Australia. A Westpac secondee supported this organisation by conducting an organisational review which will be followed by the development of debt reduction and funding strategies.

Jawun Regional Contact

  • Brad Cooke

    Brad Cooke

    Regional Director, Inner Sydney

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    Brad Cooke is a Bidjigal man from La Perouse in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Brad commenced working with Jawun in March 2010 as Regional Director for Inner Sydney, working closely with Indigenous community organisations in the Redfern area.

    Prior to joining Jawun, Brad was the General Manager of Gadigal Information Service (the Indigenous arts and media organisation for Sydney) and helped it grow to where it is today. He has presented programs on Koori Radio since 2003, including award-winning shows Sweet Science Boxing, and Black Gold; and previously recorded a regular segment on a Qantas in-flight radio service to highlight Indigenous musicians.

    He was the host of the Barefoot Rugby League Show and Barefoot Sports on National Indigenous Television, produced and presented the Away From Country documentary series, and continues to work with NITV as a commentator. In 2014, Brad also joined the ABC Grandstand Rugby League commentary team.

    As the Jawun Regional Director for Inner Sydney, he brings a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for Indigenous people in this area.

    To contact Brad, please email:bcooke@jawun.org.au